Monday, May 2, 2016

Turtles chosen as "family ambassadors" for New York City

     My daughter Emily reminded me today that I'd been quoted in a New York Times article about the Turtles being chosen as this year's "family ambassadors" for New York City. Here's the link she sent me to the story:

     It's pretty cool that the TMNT are being employed in this fashion, I think. -- PL

     P.S. There is a link in the fifth paragraph of the piece for "their origin story", which takes you to a page at, wherein one of the first things you read is "Struggling artists Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird were living in Northampton, Massachusetts, when they came up with the Turtles in November 1983." That's a pretty blatant error with which to begin an otherwise decent article -- as true TMNT fans know, while Kevin and I met and became friends in Northampton in 1981, it wasn't until two years later -- when we were living in the same house in Dover, New Hampshire -- that we created the TMNT.

     It's particularly distressing to me because the writer of the article states in the first paragraph that "To make sure I got the scoop on everyone’s favorite pizza-obsessed heroes in a half-shell, I went straight to the source—co-creator Peter Laird—who was kind enough to answer our burning questions about the franchise. "

     I can't really remember being interviewed for this article, and I can't find any email record of it, but I know for certain I would never have told anyone that the Turtles were created in Northampton. In fact, I have pointed out this same mistake a number of times when I have seen it online and in print. 

     Other than that, as I mentioned, it's a decent article. It's a long way from the "Complete History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", but as the last line of its first paragraph states, it's "a pretty good place to start".


  1. I kind of wish that TMNT was the official state comic of MA or NH. Seems only fitting.

  2. Growing up in NY, it's very cool to see the Turtles being placed in an appropriate position. Thanks Peter for giving us these characters and stories.

  3. I always love reading the orgin story. I think I've read it at least 10 times now, all from different sources. The Daredevil connection is one of the coolest nods towards previous pop culture I can think of. Its sort of almost funny, I found myself squinting at the screen as I watched Netflix's Daredevil in hopes of seeing turtles in a terrarium anywhere in the screen. I know these things could never happen due to copyright/legalities. I just love little Easter eggs like that that people do. Anyways, great to see you posting again!

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  5. I thought it was a cool surprise that the turtles made the front page of Metro NY one day while walking down the 14st union square train station. Glad to see that the turtles fittingly take the cake as ambassadors of NY this year.

  6. I'm so happy that the TMNT were chosen as Family Ambassadors for New York.

  7. I kind of wish that TMNT was the official state comic of MA or NH. Seems only fitting.
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